Event Details

  • September 10, 2019

    Ibis Demo Day | September 10

    Ride an Ibis on Your Home Trail!

    The Ibis Demo Van is Coming to Olympic Bike Shop!


    WHEN | Tuesday, September 10

    TIME | 10am - 4pm

    LOCATION | Olympic Bike Shop

    BIKES | Ripmo • Mojo 3 • Mojo HD4 • Ripley V4

    RESERVATIONS | CALL US at 530.581.2500 or EMAIL US for information & availability!

    BRING pedals and a helmet ... and be ready to ride!

    DON'T FORGET your ID and credit card that we will hold for deposit.

    WE ENCOURAGE you to take a bike for a good ride on your local trails -- please plan on at least an hour to ride!

    • 10:00 am