Glass Mountain Thunder Cliffs

WHAT:  A little bit of everything!  This ride has some fast flowy sections, some tough technical sections and amazing views of the lake!

LENGTH:  9 miles

DIRECTIONS:  From Tahoe City, climb up Jackpine Street.  Continue up the fire road for about a mile where you will intersect another fire road.  Turn right and the road will briedly turn to pavement.  At the end of the pavement look for a single track directly in front of you.  Climb this single track and then take your second left (about 3/4 of a mile up).  This trail will lead you to a paved raod, continue directly across the paved raod to more single track that will climb up to the Tahoe Rim Trail.  Go left on the TRT to make the final climb up to Glass Mountain and the descend along Thunder Cliffs all the way back into Tahoe City.

Extend this ride about 4 miles by including Painted Rock.  To do so, climb up the fire road to the single track, but instead of taking the second left, continue straight.  The trail will drop down into a meadow, go left at the bottom intil you reach pavement.  Turn right and climb this paved road (The Fibreboard Freeway) for a little over a mile until you reach the Tahoe Rim Trail.  Turn left on the TRT and ride Painted Rock, Glass Mountain and Thunder Cliffs on your way back to Tahoe City.