Stanford Rock Trail

WHAT:  Not for the faint of heart.  A very long (6 mile), steep (2168 ft), relentless (not kidding) climb to amazing views of Lake Tahoe and the Pacific Crest.  Followed by one of the more rocky and technical descents on the West Shore.  Keep your eye out for the waterfall at one of the many sharp, stair step turns this trail is known for.

LENGTH:  17 miles

DIRECTIONS:  Take the bike path south on the 89 through Sunnyside over the Ward Creek Bridge.  Turn right on the first single track after the bridge.  There are many low elevation walking trails in this area, follow the main trail meandering up Ward Creek.  After about 5 minutes there is a distinctive hard left.  At the next “T” turn right.  Continue following Ward Creek uphill for about 15-20 minutes and go left at the fork in the road.  Continue climbing for what seems like an eternity until you reach the top.  Take a breather then head downhill, following the Tahoe Rim Train back into Ward Canyon.  Return to Tahoe City on pavement or continue across the road to the Rim Trail for an extra hour of singletrack.