Walternate/Western States Trail

WHAT:  A moderate and somewhat rocky climb leading to a steep and entertaining, but technical downhill (missing link) then a smooth, fast and flowy downhill (western states) ending at the Truckee River.

LENGTH:  12.5 miles

DIRECTIONS: From Tahoe City, climb up Jackpine Street.  Continue up the fire road for about a mile where you will intersect abother fire road.  Turn right and the road will briefly turn to pavement.  At the end of the pavement look for a single track directly in front of you.  Climb this single track and then take your second left (about 3/4 of a mile).  This trail will lead you to a paved road, continue directly across the paved road to more single track that will climb up to the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Hang a right on the Tahoe Rim Trail and then make your next left onto the missing link trail (about a 1/2 mile).  At the bottom of Missing Link go right on the fire road and then take your next left onto Western States (also called Three Bridges).  At the bottom of Western States follow the bike path back to Tahoe City.